Our diapers are made with only top quality fabrics. Plastic polyacetel-resin snaps are hidden in all of our diapers, meaning they will not be resting against babies delicate skin. Our diapers are all made to be absorbent and trim fitting with ample room in the back to hold in messes.




Our 3 Step Rise 1 Size diapers are a very econimical choice. Made with three layers of fabric in the body and either an internal,quick-drying trifold or contour shaped soaker. These diapers will fit comfortably from about 8-35 lbs depending on babies shape.




To use the rise adjustment on our 1 Size diapers:

Newborn/Small size setting: using two top snaps (the ones at the very top by themselves) on front of diaper, snap down to the middle row of snaps. Then fold down towards babies tummy to the inside of the diaper. Use bottom row of snaps for waist adjustment.

Medium size setting: Snap two top snaps down on to the top row of snaps. Now fold diaper down towards baby's tummy to the inside of the diaper. Use the upper row of snaps that is visible for waist adjustment.

Large size setting: Leave front panel in unsnapped position, use top row of snaps for waist adjustment.

**When using the small and medium rise settings be sure to snap soaker into bottom snaps, otherwise diaper will not remain tucked while on**










Our newborn diapers feature  an umbilical snap-down, three body layers with an internal contour shaped soaker. Two rise settings insure a good fit on your newborn from 5-15 lbs. One snap on each wing for quick and easy diaper changes. Soft elastic gathers at back waist and legs for a gentle non-leaking fit.







Our side snapping diapers are sized from newborn/small up through large. All snaps on the wings are hidden. These are made with a partially internal soaker and a quick drying oval shaped soaker that snaps into the back.




Front snapping diapers feature 2 rows of hidden snaps. This allows the waist and thigh to be adjusted seperately and also helps to eliminate wing droop so common in front snapping diapers.  These come with the partial internal soaker and snap in quick dry oval shaped soaker. (snaps in the back) Available in sizes medium and large                           





















Size Rise Waist Thigh Weight Range
3 Step Rise 1 Size 14"-19" 10"-24" 3"-13" 8-35+ lbs
Side Snapping Medium 17" 12"-24" 8"-14" 12-25 lbs
Side Snapping Large 20" 15"-28" 9"-18" 20-35+ lbs

Front Snapping Medium

17" 14"-24" 6"-12" 12-25 lbs
Front Snapping Large 19" 14"-26" 7"-16" 18-35 lbs
Small Baby Shape        
Medium Baby Shape 15" 12"-23"    
Medium-Long Baby Shape 17" 13"-24"    
Large Baby Shape 18" 14"-26"    
Small Turned and Topstitched 14" 12"-20" 6"-12" 10-18 lbs
Medium Turned and Topstitched 16" 14"-24" 8"-14" 15-25 lbs
Large Turned and Topstitched 18" 14"-28" 8"-16" 22-35+ lbs


by Muttaqin Baby